Errorless learning

You’ve probably heard the term “errorless learning.” But, what does this really mean? Does it refer to the number of errors the learner makes, certain types of training procedures, an attitude (strategy) for how to approach training, or something else entirely? In this topic we’ll discuss different things that errorless learning can mean. We’ll also debate whether it is really possible or practical for animals and humans to learn without making errors. Finally, we’ll explore ideas for how we can make our own training more errorless. 


Mary Hunter gave a fabulous talk on errorless learning at the "Life is for Learning" Seminar organised by Happy Fellow® in May 2018. We want to elaborate further on this during our discussions and practical sessions with human learners using PORTL and exploring the concept with the resident horses.


Here is a great example from Mary, showing us how you can teach a complex conditional chain with minimal or no errors.