Join Alexandra Kurland at Anja Beran's Classical Dressage Workshop

from 22 - 27 July 2019

As in 2018, Alexandra Kurland and Michaela Hempen will be attending Anja Beran's Classical Dressage Workshop in 2019 and we would like to invite some of you to spend this week with us. At the end of the dressage workshop we will travel together to Italy and directly continue the adventure at the Clicker Training and Behaviour Science Summer Camp! What a treat!

Workshop impressions

Vera and Zeus
Vera and Zeus

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Anja presenting "Train your eye"
Anja presenting "Train your eye"

Question to Vera Munderloh

Vera and Flamingo in passage
Vera and Flamingo in passage

Do you have a favourite movement?


"I used to find the flying change and passage most impressive. But, meanwhile, I don‘t really mind what I ride. It is just important for me to feel that the horse is light, supple, and going straight. It makes me very happy, for example, when a horse does a successful halt out of a collected walk."

Join us with Alexandra Kurland visiting Anja Beran's workshop

The workshop runs from Monday 22 July to Saturday 27 July 2019 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a free day on Wednesday.


The group attending the workshop together with Alexandra Kurland is limited to 7 guests. We will be staying at a holiday house that is only a few minutes away from Anja Beran. We will provide transport between the apartment and Anja's if you don't come by car. In case you also attend the Clicker Training and Behaviour Science Summer Camp in Italy, we will also provide transport from Anja to the Camp on Sunday 28 July 2019. 


Anja will receive our group for a private get-together, which will give you the opportunity to discuss with her in more detail and ask questions you were not able to ask during the workshop. Anja is also planning a little extra surprise for our group (let's keep it a surprise)!


We'll have self-catered breakfast and a catering service provides lunch at the barn. These meals are included in your registration as well as the attendance fee for the workshop.

Dinners are not included, which we'll organise as we prefer each day: either go to a local restaurant or stay at the holiday house and cook ourselves.


During the free day, we'll have time to let Alexandra guide us through some body awareness exercises and walk the movements that we see Anja and Vera ride.

In the afternoon, we will do an excursion to visit the local area, which offers many tourist attractions such as Castle Neuschwanstein.

Our accommodation

The house has plenty of space but not many bedrooms. We will share rooms - but not beds.

We will have plenty of space to sit down and talk about horses, training and other things.

Some impressions from Gut Rosenhof

Many thanks to Heather Binns for the stimmung pictures.