Clicker Training and Behaviour Science Summer Camp 2019 - Practical details

How to register

Clicking the button will take you to the registration and payment page.


There are four different registration options:

  • Registration "The Complete Adventure" Bundle: Dressage Workshop, including travel from Germany to Italy, Clicker Training and Behaviour Science Summer Camp and excursion to Venice, from 21 July to 2nd August 2019. 
  • Registration to attend with us Anja Beran's International Dressage Workshop in Germany from 22 to 27 July 2019
  • Registration to the Summer Camp 2019 in Calestano, Italy, from 29 July to 1 August 2019
  • Registration to the excursion to Venice on 2 August 2019.

Each of these options can also be paid with an installment plan.

Some impressions of the location

This is where we'll eat delicious home-made, Italian food


The idea of a summer camp is to stay all together during the whole five days. All participants will be provided with a brand new tent (one per person - unless you want to share), air mattress, sleeping bag, bed sheet, pillow, towel and a torch (flash) light. On site are new bathrooms and showers.


If you prefer staying at a nearby B&B at your own expense, we can help you identify one (see suggestions).


In case you don't need a tent, remember to indicate that during the registration process. You can use the coupon code: No_tent_for_me and the registration fee will be reduced.

This where the tents will be set up
This where the tents will be set up

Bathrooms and showers