JoyFull Training workshop July 2016


You can access the JoyFull Training workshop report here (in English).


Alexandra Kurland has also written a blog post on her visit which is accessible here.

JoyFull Training Workshop with

 Alexandra Kurland 

17 and 20 July 2016

accompanying Anja Beran's International Classical Dressage Workshop


  • Sunday, 17 July 2016, 9-18h

We will explore different aspects of equine clicker training. Alexandra will talk about the importance of PLAY for training and we will deepen our understanding through actively playing Microriding and PORTL games.

  • Monday, 18 and Tuesday, 19 July 2016, 10-18h

We will be attending Anja Beran’s Classical Dressage workshop. 

  • Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 9-18h

Alexandra and her training colleagues Kay Laurence, Jesus Rosales Ruiz and Ken Ramirez have created a new conference style applied first at the Five Go To Sea cruises and later at the Training thoughtfully conference, were the questions arising from the discussion guide the flow of the presentations. This allows not only a more interactive programme but also a more profound learning process. In that sense we do not decide on the programme content beforehand but let the questions that arise in the process guide our focus for learning – playfully cruise-style!

  • Thursday,  21 July to Saturday, 23 July 2016, 10-18h

We will be attending Anja Beran’s Classical Dressage workshop.


On Friday, Anja will take us to Circus Krone. The circus sends their young horses to Anja for training in preparation to their long term career at the circus. Programme may change, please consult Anja Beran’s website for programme details.


For those who can't get enough, we'll be having informal lunch and dinner together with Alexandra during the whole week which provides ample opportunity for continuous discussion and PORTL games. Join us!


More information on the workshop here

Alexandra Kurland meets Anja Beran

The training of both Alexandra Kurland and Anja Beran is based on the principles of classical dressage. Both of them were strongly influenced by Nuno Oliveira through their teachers who learned directly from N. Oliveira.

In September 2015 Alexandra Kurland visited Anja Beran at Gut Rosenhof in Southern Germany. Following that visit I sent some questions to both of them. Find out what the similarities in their training are and what clicker training adds to classical dressage in this article. Continue reading...

The Click That Teaches On-Line Course

Announcing a new on-line course available and ready for registration!  

While you are visiting the course, be certain to look at the list of coaches who will be helping out.  It's an impressive list!
This is a foundation level course intended first and foremost for people who are new to clicker training and want to get off to a great start.  Clicker training is an easy concept to understand, but there are lots of small details that make a huge difference to your training success. This course will guide beginners past the pitfalls and off to a great start showing how to make creative use of clicker training.
It is also a great review for people who are already familiar with the clicker and want to get some fresh ideas to liven up their training.  And for those who are teaching clicker training, you'll find that it is a tremendous resource to add into your own training program.
In this course you’ll be discovering that there is no limit to what you can create out of a great training foundation. It doesn’t matter if you ride english or western, if you're a trail rider, an endurance rider, a reiner, a jumper, a dressage rider, or just a weekend pleasure rider - this clicker foundation course applies to all disciplines and interests. If you are starting with a foal, have a green horse, a seasoned campaigner, or an old family friend, you’ll find this work applies to them all.  
Details are still being tweaked so please be patient if you find something that isn't quite right.  Creating the web site for the course has been quite the shaping process!  Horses are easy compared to computers!  Your input helps make the course even better so Alexandra welcomes comments.
The course is set up so each person can go through at his or her own pace.  You don't have to wait for a class to start. You can sign up at any time.  You don't have to keep up with a group.  If you hit a bad patch of weather, that's all right.  You won't be falling behind.  This course is totally about you and your horse - not about competing against someone else's progress.  
Your investment in the course is carefully protected with personal attention and passwords.  When you register, you won't be filling out a computer-generated form that is never seen by a human.  You'll be emailing Alexandra directly. She'll sign you in and you'll be touching base with her as you complete each unit.  In addition she has put together a great team of coaches for anyone who wants additional help or who just wants to share their clicker successes with someone who truly understands.
A coaching session is included as part of the initial course registration fee.  The introductory price for the course is $340.  That includes access to the course material for a full year, one session with the coach of your choice, plus access to the videos and training articles we will be adding to the site.  
Discounts on the course are available for those who have been regular attendees at Alexandra Kurland's clinics.  Contact her privately for details.