Workshop with Alexandra Kurland

24 -26 July 2018 in Parma, Italy

Alexandra Kurland will help us improve our understanding of Clicker training and balance in ourselves and in our horses. She will be supported by two school masters, Asfaloth and Graya, both experienced clicker superstars. In addition we have two of Alexandra's online course coaches to provide individual support to each participant. 

Nathalie Van Cauwenberghe, Feldenkrais instructor and ballerina, will provide some lessons to improve our body awareness and movements. Then we ask the horses, what they think of it.


There are 4 places for participants with horses, and 15 places without horses.


The week before the workshop, 16.-21. July 2018, Alexandra is visiting Anja Beran's International Dressage Workshop. You are invited to join us. The dressage workshop needs to be booked through Anja Beran. (

More information coming up soon. Stay in touch...

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Past courses with Alexandra Kurland